April 2019


Anonymous Flight Attendant Journey into Recovery  

My drinking and using drugs was no different than any other addict’s use. Things began to change in my early 30’s when I drank. I was drinking more and more.  Black-outs started when I would drink. After my drinking, I would make every excuse to try to normalize my behavior- I was tired from flying too much;  I did not eat; I was premenstrual; I was post-menstrual; I did not get the trip I wanted; I had a boyfriend; I did not have a boyfriend; my family wants more time from me;  my family does not want to give me the time I need. Many, many times I really wanted to stop my drinking, but, I couldn’t!  I bargained with myself and others with empty promises, but, something would take over once I started to drink. Inflight management never knew what was happening to me.  I am sure, however, they heard Flight Attendants in the crew lounge chatting  about  my excessive drinking,  my black-outs,  and some of the words that came out of my mouth when I drank. In my uniform, I was dependable. I had a great work record. I  received multiple company recognitions. I never received a complaint letter nor had excessive sick occurrences in my work record.  I was functioning on the airplane, but barely.To continue this story, click on the link-Anonymous Flight Attendant Journey into Recovery Continue Reading