What is Problematic Internet Use?

The use of digital devices has become a way of life, both at work and in our personal time. Are you experiencing sleep disruptions due to staying up late or waking up early to be on the device? Is your need to stay connected constant and causing you stress? Do you feel anxious if you are not constantly checking the internet or social media?
Maybe the time has come to consider a ‘digital detox’. While it might not be possible (with work and personal obligations) to completely abandon your device, there are small strategies you can try to lower your time connected.

· Block off ‘non-screen’ time by setting a ‘digital curfew’.

· Set a specific time when you will not have a device with you such as in the bedroom, during a meal, in the bathroom, watching a movie with family and/or friends, taking a walk or at the gym.

Research suggests that people are likely to use the internet as an emotional crutch to cope with negative feelings instead of addressing them in healthy ways. Excessive use of the internet is known to negatively impact a person’s mental health. It has been associated with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation about your internet use with a flight attendant peer at your airline, please call the FADAP helpline at 1-855-333-2327 or 1-855-33FADAP.