Should I or Shouldn’t I Use CBD?

As a Flight Attendant, if you test positive for marijuana (THC), regardless of whether it is state approved medical or recreational marijuana and regardless of whether you knowingly smoked a joint or unknowingly ate a marijuana edible, you will be deemed a test violator. The same holds true for a Flight Attendant who states that the test positive was the result of CBD use. 

Generally, the source of the THC and the legal existence of a product in a store will not change the test from positive to negative. Currently, the production of CBD oil is unregulated and therefore any claims that you will not test positive maybe unfounded. 

Additionally, there are no studies that demonstrate how many times you can use a low THC concentration CBD product before you might test positive. 

 The bottom line, as many terminated Flight Attendants and safety sensitive employees will tell you is, the use of CBD could be hazardous to your employment.


December 2020