Return on Investment (ROI) and FADAP


FADAP October 2022 outcome findings show benefit to Flight Attendant well-being, aviation safety and company bottom line. 

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Return on Investment (ROI) and FADAP


Flight Attendants who engaged in Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) treatment and returned to work, significantly improved performance in multiple key areas.

  1.      Adherence to safety procedures and compliance with FAA & company policies
  2.      Rapport with management, coworkers, and customers
  3.      Professionalism, presenteeism, and reliability


Average Lost Work Hours Due to Substance Use Related Absence and Other Lost Work Time


Before FADAP-18 Hours Lost per month

After FADAP-1.7 Hours Lost per month

Average Cost of Lost Work Hours


Before FADAP-$847.00 per month

After FADAP-$67.00 per month