May 2022

I am Worth It!
There may be many reasons why we don’t seem to find time to take care of ourselves. We may think that it is selfish. We may just not make time for it. Maybe self-care only comes after we’ve pushed too far and cannot do more. Perhaps there just doesn’t seem like we have any energy left to use for ourselves at the end of the day.
Self-care is about giving time and attention to ourselves. What we have learned is that even a little bit of self-care pays big rewards. Taking a few moments each day to work on our own physical, emotional, or spiritual self can actually boost our physical and emotional energy. 
Here are a few things that one can do during a busy, chaotic, and often stressful life. Make the time.  Remember, you are worth it!
Go for a walk,
Get outdoors,
Get a good night’s sleep,
Eat a healthy balanced meal.
Talk to a friend,
Take time away from electronic devices,
Read, journal, watch a funny show,
Take time to work on a fun project, do an activity, or something creative.
Practice deep breathing for stress reduction.
Spiritual and Holistic:
Pray or read something inspirational,
Spend quiet time in nature,
Express gratitude.