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Welcome to the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP). This website is available to all flight attendants, no matter what status you currently hold -- active, furloughed, or even if you are on a leave status.  FADAP is a substance-abuse prevention program, created and promoted for and by the flight attendant profession and funded by the FAA. Throughout this site you will find stigma free information on substance use, abuse and dependence.

FADAP Brochure-www.fadap.org/FADAPBrochure

Recovery is not a hard landing, it's a journey.







Phone: 855-33-FADAP | 855-333-2327

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Flight Attendant Recovery Stories


1. Flight Attendant -Female



“My emotional torture is over. I finally feel like my life is whole again.”
M – Alaska Airlines

“I never had fun before I started to recover.”
A – American Eagle Airlines

“I fought all my adult years with my disease, even lost my career over it, but today I am rebuilding my life.”
J – US Airways