June 2, 2022


Mental Health First Aid

We will be discussing workplace issues and learn best practices in dealing with mental health and substance abuse concerns for Flight Attendants, Flight Attendant leadership, Flight Attendant managers, friends, and family. Utilizing components of the Mental Health First Aid curriculum, a nationally used workplace training program, we will explore the following topics: 

§ Signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety
§ Assessment,warning signs, and interventions for suicide
§ Understanding traumatic events
§ Facts and risk factors for substance abuse
§ Understanding stages of change and interventions for substance abuse
§Time will be available for questions and answers


September 7, 2023


"Attaching the Lifeline-Flight Attendant’s with Suicidal Ideation"

Passcode:     .%k6dJTF

 What You Will Learn:

  •  The difference between suicidal ideation and suicidal plans 
  •   Appropriate language when talking about suicide 
  •   How to provide support around suicidal ideation 
  •   Being alert for specific red flags and when to refer out


April 28, 2022


"When Substance Abuse is Not Just Using: A Discussion on Dual-Diagnosis"

Effective intervention needs to understand and treat both. Dr. Beau Nelson, Chief Clinical Officer for FHE Health, will explain dual diagnosis, the intersection of mental health issues and substance use (as well as other addictive behaviors), how it is treated, and how to understand the interplay of mental health issues in the process of recovery for a substance use disorder and how that looks in the real world.