FADAP- Assisting Families in Recovery

FADAP is pleased to announce that it is now offering a robust six-month education and support program at no cost for families and loved-ones of Flight Attendants currently in or still needing treatment. 

What is Family Class? “Family Class”, will assist you in stepping out of reactive roles such as cop, banker, apologist and other survival roles that you may have stepped into during crisis. Through a structured and professionally guided one hour/one day a week program across six months, you will begin working on your own recovery and reclaim your  healthy roles as wife, husband, parent, friend, brother, sister etc.  Skills learned in “Family Class” will help you succeed in establishing healthy boundaries between self and others and fostering a new capacity for honesty and forgiveness while releasing old blame, shame and guilt.  Growth, sharing, discovering, and learning await you. 

How Does it Work? "Family Class" gathers together family or origin and choice from across the globe.  Family class is available virtually anywhere as it’s delivered on a secure online platform or via the phone for an audio connection.  “Family Class” uses an established curriculum to help families moved through the below three phases. 

For more information or to begin the registration process, email your name and contact information to Heather Healy, FADAP Manager at hhealy@fadap.org

FADAP Assisting Families in Recovery

Family Class