Flight Attendants in Recovery

Flight Attendant in Recovery Volunteer

Are you a Flight Attendant in recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse and willing to assist newly recovering Flight Attendants as they begin the transition back into their cabin? The role of the Flight Attendant in recovery is to be a “buddy” to the newly recovering Flight Attendant. The Flight Attendant who is new to recovery could greatly benefit from  a ‘Flight Attendant in Recovery’  who  shares his or her own personal tips on how to maintain a solid recovery while flying. 

How does the Flight Attendant in recovery program work? A Flight Attendant in recovery volunteer is contacted by the FADAP program (ideally with the same airline/employer) when a flight attendant is about to be discharged from substance abuse treatment.  If the Flight Attendant in recovery agrees that she/he has the time in their schedule to assist, FADAP will give the discharging flight attendant your name and phone number for contact purposes. It is Flight Attendant in early recovery’s choice to contact you.  The relationship is 100% voluntary.  The Flight Attendant in recovery volunteer does not take the place of a twelve step sponsor.  Instead, it’s an additional layer of support in the workplace. 
Flight Attendant’s in recovery volunteers are active Flight Attendant and have at least two (2) years of solid recovery. If you are interested, please share your information with us on the  below form. If you have any questions around the Flight Attendant in recovery volunteer, please feel free to call the FADAP Coordinator, Deborah McCormick at 401-225-1459.