Get Help Now

Assistance for you or a flying partner is only a phone call away.

If you have questions about your own substance use, or have a concern regarding a flying partner's use, please call your FADAP peer or the 24 hour toll-free FADAP helpline at 855-333-2327 or by the direct line at 202-355-6337.

All calls are strictly confidential.

We'll help you get reliable answers to your questions or concerns. If you decide that a professional substance-use evaluation or treatment is your next best course of action, we'll provide you with referrals that have an understanding of the flight attendant culture.

Your FADAP peer will also support you as you progress through treatment, and as you return to the cabin.  We're here as volunteers to guide you through all phases of your recovery.

You will be able to reach your FADAP peer two ways: either by calling her/him directly or by calling the FADAP helpline.  Our live operator will patch your call directly into your FADAP peer.

Below is a roster of flight attendant peers at your airline.

If your airline is not listed, don't worry! Just call the helpline and you will be connected to the FADAP peer on-call.

Alaska Airlines - Elizabeth Dillon: 714-222-8299

Alaska Airlines-Lisa Haugen: 949-470-0493

Allegiant Air-David St. Hilaire: 860-933-0451

Air Canada - Vanesa Beaudion: 403-472-6868 

Air Wisconsin -Heather Healy: 301-437-0390 

American Airlines - Deborah McCormick: 401-225-1459

Air Transport International - Celeste Dettle: 214-394-4144

Delta Airlines - Brian Wisniewski: 470-985-9540  

Endeavor Airlines -Karen Koonce: 917-805-4339 

Envoy Airlines - Elizabeth Bonner: 503-528-6496

Frontier Airlines - Christopher Brehm: 720-989-3977

Hawaiian Airlines - Nadene "Kahea" Ching: 808-203-9512  

Horizon Airlines - Lynette Clark: 360-907-8894 

JetBlue-Sherry Sramek: 954-494-8727

Mesa Airlines -Doris Davis: 719-439-7391

NBAA Dodie Thomas: 804-543-3267

Norse Atlantic Airways - Sylvie Wubbena: 754-232-0088

Omni Air International Thea Kelm: 443-535-2596  

Pacific Southwest Airlines - Cheryl Oravec: 828-595-4553  

Piedmont Airlines - Sheila Hubbard: 404-551-7488  

SkyWest Airlines - Patricia Border: 801-641-1006

SkyWest Airlines -David Mancilla: 720-431-2101 

Southwest Airlines - Tom Spillers: 678-315-0173

Spirit Airlines -Gwen Davidson: 313-268-904

Sun Country Airlines Debra Easton: 612-590-2505 

United Airlines - Jennifer Grega: 703-362-7448 

United Airlines-Jennifer Mannan: 510-757-6087

WestJet Airlines -Deborah McCormick: 401-225-1459