FADAP's mission is to support a culture of safety which will be able to assist flight attendants in meeting their personal and professional goals through substance-abuse awareness, combined with self and peer referrals for assistance, and the implementation of a flight-attendant-specific recovery support system.

The advancement of the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program has been endorsed by your flight attendant peers and managers from 25 carriers during a March 2009 "Return to the Cabin" Summit.

The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program began September 2010 with funding from the FAA.

The following statement of values under which FADAP operates was created by the FADAP Advisory Board (January 2011).

Value Statement

  • Substance Use Disorders are preventable and treatable chronic illnesses
  • Left unaddressed, we all pay the price in numerous ways
  • FADAP is dedicated to preventing and reclaiming personal and economic loss

FADAP Advisory Board

The FADAP Advisory Board provides guidance around the development of and enhancements to the Flight Attendant Drug and Alchohol Program. The board consists of Flight Attendants, Flight Attendant Managers, the FAA, and experts in the field of substance abuse.  Below is a roster of the current FADAP board members.

Cornejo, Ernie AFA-CWA EAP vice chairperson United Airlines-AFA-CWA
Crabtree, Tom Senior Manager Outreach Southwest Airlines
Easton, Debra Chief Union Steward for Teamsters, #120 Sun Country Airlines
Gray, Sara Manager, Health Benefits  Alaska Air/Horizon Air
Grega, Jennifer AFA-CWA EAP Chairperson United Airlines-AFA-CWA
Healy, Heather Program Manager, FADAP Employee Assistance Program-AFA-CWA
Hedrick, Julie National President American Airlines-APFA 
Lomangino, Nicholas Contracting Officer's Technical Representative Federal Aviation Administration
Madsen, Casey Director, Human Resources Sky West Airlines
McCormick, Deborah Project Coordinator, FADAP American Airlines-APFA
Moss, Susan Sr. Director In-Flight Services Planning  Hawaiian Airlines
Salser, Natalie TWU#556 Co-Chairperson Southwest Airlines-TWU
Spillers, Tom TWU#556 Co-Chairperson Southwest Airlines-TWU
Thomas, Dodie Supervisor Aviation Cabin Safety & Services NBAA Altria Client Services
Trella, Barbara PHX Sr. Base Manager, Flight Service American Airlines
Willems, Paula FADAP Administrative Support Coordinator Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program


855-33-FADAP | 855-333-2327 

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