Recovery Ready Workplace Policies

Recovery-ready workplace policies help support workers with substance use disorder by creating a safe and healthy work environment, reducing stigma, breaking down barriers for employment, and promoting addiction treatment and recovery support services. 

Adopting recovery-ready workplace policies is deemed critical for businesses seeking to expand and strengthen their workforces and improve their bottom line. 

A new toolkit for employers has just been released to help employers create a recovery-ready workplace. It is called the Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit:Guidance and Resources for Private and Public Sector Employers. 

The toolkit is intended to serve as a resource not just to businesses, but to states, local and Tribal governments, labor organizations, business groups, and non-profits. 

The toolkit is housed in the Department of Labor’s Recovery-Ready Workplace Resource Hub. You can access the toolkit by clicking on the link below.

New Guidance for Employers to Create Recovery-Ready Workplaces