Flight Attendant Leaders and Management

Below are materials that may prove useful in designing, developing or evaluating workplace based prevention, early intervention and treatment initiatives, especially for Flight Attendants.  

Additional materials will be added to this site as they are identified or developed, so please check back periodically to this section of the FADAP website.  

If you have identified materials that would be useful for this website section, please contact Deborah McCormick at dmccormick@fadap.org or 401-225-1459.   


Best Practice Guide for Developing and Delivering a Flight Attendant Substance Abuse Prevention, Early Intervention and Recovery Support Program

"Workplace Experiences and Outcomes Related to Participation in the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program: An Exploratory Study" 

Second Chance Programs, See chapter 5, pages 27-31

Power Point Presentation, FADAP 6th Annual Conference, 2016